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Bones That Float by Kari Grady Grossman

Kari Grady Grossman is a dynamic and inspirational keynote speaker who combines readings from her award-winning book Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia with a short documentary film.


She speaks eloquently about fighting poverty and oppression in Cambodia through the school she and her husband built in 2001 and the creation of their non-profit, Sustainable Schools International.

If you've ever dreamed of changing the world, this is a story you won't want to miss. Much more than an adoption tale, Kari inspires audiences interested in social justice, history, education, global awareness and activism.



  “Peacemaker of the Year award winning author Kari Grady Grossman penned, Bones that Float - A Story of Adopting Cambodia, and is taking international development philosophies to the next level. Her work is inspiring everyone around her to be the change they want to see in the world.”

—Zac Whyte, World Action Group
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